At PSC Metals, we believe that consulting, communication and unprecedented customer service are all essential to maintaining strong viable customer partnerships. Our extensive brokerage network, developed over years in the industry, allows us to bring suppliers and consumers in the metals space together, adding sustainable value to both entities.


Our customers depend on our accurate timely service and advice, thanks in part to our long history and our reputation as the solid leader in independent market analysis. With our in-house Transportation and Logistics, together with our full-service Recycling Operations, our strong partnerships with steel mills, industrial generators, foundries and demolition companies, coupled with highly experienced in-house traders, PSC Metals’ Brokerage customers realize a tremendous advantage over competitors using less comprehensive services.


Examples of brokered ferrous materials:

Ferrous Scrap


Mill by Products

♲ Obsolete Grades
♲ Prompt/Prime
♲ Specialty Grades
♲ Pig Iron
♲ B Scrap, BF Iron
♲ Mill Scale, Slag
♲ Beach Iron


For information regarding our Ferrous and Non Ferrous Brokerage businesses

please contact:


André Pujadas, Exec. VP – Commercial
Phone: 1-800-624-2216