PSC Metals capability extends from the largest multi-plant manufacturing system to a single location operation with equal effectiveness. Through our total support perspective to finding the most lucrative markets on a broker basis, our reach is nationwide. Well thought out planning, attention to every detail and our commitment to effective communications are the keys to our success, and it’s why we’re able to serve industrial partners of any size. Throughout the entire process we never hesitate to rethink processes for the betterment of our business relationships.


At the center of our competencies is the industry’s strongest employee force. From our most knowledgeable executive, to our front-line representatives, we are capable of maximizing the value of your partnership with PSC Metals. Our methods begin with visiting with you, listening to your requirements, touring your facility, observing any additional recycling opportunities that you may not have considered (cardboard, plastic). We never forget reducing solid waste costs as a worthwhile objective. From all of this input we develop the most comprehensive, sustainable recycling program providing your organization with the greatest total value.


Our industry leading experience and strong operating capability leaves us able to execute against the comprehensive plan created specifically for your operation(s). We have every available container type including, luggers, roll offs, trailers and flat beds, for your scrap accumulation. We have the industry’s strongest central dispatch system, operating under the objective of reducing cost, and benefiting your revenue, when possible. Our operating systems are state of the art, and we have shredding, shearing and baling capabilities. No challenge is too great for our team!


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