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Recycled Auto Parts
In addition to ferrous and nonferrous metals, we purchase vehicles from towers, auto auctions, private parties, charitable organizations and many other sources. Contact us if you want to sell your vehicle or a fleet of
vehicles. We offer competitive prices depending on the type of year and model. Once we purchase a vehicle, it is placed in our yards to fill our customers automotive parts needs.

We sell auto parts to customers all over the country. Our customers are dealerships, collision and repair shops, warranty companies, insurance companies and people just like you who need a part for your car. Each facility stocks a large number of domestic and foreign vehicles which are continually replaced by new arrivals to offer our customers a fresh selection of parts. We also have thousands of parts in our warehouses that have been carefully removed, stored and are waiting to fulfill your requirements. If we do not have a part, we can find it for you and offer you low prices.

If you need a part – call us. We are currently in the following locations and will be soon be expanding in other areas of the country.
Auto Parts
New Philadelphia, Ohio (Tuscarawas Auto Parts)
(888) 832-0066 or (330) 339-3369

Steel Plate & Pipe


Secondary Pipe

Steel Plate

PSC Metals stocks carbon steel plate in commercial quality, secondary, excess prime, and prime grades. Plates are inventoried in three locations - Burns Harbor, IN, Michigan City, IN and Detroit, MI, to provide prompt service to our customers. Plates are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and can be shipped via truck or rail.

Our inventory includes gauges of 3/16" - 6", widths up to 140", and lengths up to 600". Markets served include container and box manufacturing, pipe manufacturing, weldments and other fabrications, base plates, counterweights and road plates.

Key markets served include, but not limited to, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville. For more information on Steel Plates please visit

Steel Pipe

Cappco is a leading North American distributor of secondary and structural grade pipe. The company is widely recognized and
valued in the steel industry for its integrity, stability and strength. This reputation has been built over the last 40 years on many long-term partnerships with both suppliers and customers. Cappco maintains a full line inventory of 2.375” to 48” OD structural grade steel pipe and maintains stocking facilities in strategic locations throughout North America. A sampling of industries served includes: piling and foundation, steel fabrication, boring and tunneling, and Helical Piers.

Our professional sales and marketing team provides an exceptional level of industry knowledge. Many locations across North America including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Iowa, Arkansas, Texas, and New England.

For more information on Steel Pipes please visit
Ferrous & Nonferrous Scrap
How can you tell the difference between Ferrous (Steel) and Nonferrous metals? Perform a magnet test! If the magnet sticks to the material, it is likely Steel. If it does not stick, it is likely a Nonferrous Metal.

Ferrous metals are alloys of iron, and they usually stick to a magnet… BUT a common misconception is that steel is the only metal that attracts a magnet. There are actually three common elements that pull to a magnet, and those are iron, nickel, and cobalt. Examples of ferrous scrap: old automobiles, farm equipment, household appliances, structural steel, and anything else that was made from iron and steel.

Nonferrous metals are generally non-magnetic (except for nickel and cobalt). Examples of nonferrous scrap: aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, lead, and nickel.

For information regarding Ferrous or Non-Ferrous, contact:
André Pujadas, Executive Vice President – Commercial

Ferrous and Nonferrous
Ferrous and Nonferrous

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