Recycled Auto Parts

We buy vehicles from single owners, as well as charities, auctions, and other private parties. Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet to sell, we offer competitive pricing. In turn, we are able to sell a wide variety of auto parts to consumers across the country. Our facilities are always stocked with a fresh selection of parts that have been removed from vehicles with care and safely stored to fulfill your needs.

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Carbon Steel Plate + Pipe

If you are looking for carbon steel plate or pipe, look no further than PSC Metals. Our steel plate inventory contains a wide variety of grades, gauges, widths and length and we are able to shop via truck or rail across the country. We also sell secondary and structural grade pipe from Cappco, a leading North American distributor.

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We have a large inventory of both ferrous—metal that will stick to a magnet—and non-ferrous scrap metal for sale. There are some key differences, and common misconceptions, about the differences between ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

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