Where is the closest PSC Metals location to me?
PSC Metals has 39 Scrap Metal Recycling locations in 10 U.S. states. Please see our Locations page for a full list of PSC facilities.

What are your hours?
Hours vary by location. Please see our Locations page for hours of operation.

What are your prices?
Pricing varies daily and depends on the type of metal you have to recycle. Contact your local facility for pricing.

What does PSC Metals buy?
We accept a wide range of metal products including:

  • Metals:
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Brass
  • Consumer Goods:
    • Appliances
    • Cars
    • Outdoor grills
  • Industrial Items:
    • Chain link fence
    • Sinks
    • Scrap Steel

Click here for a full list of the metals we buy at our facilities.

What won’t PSC Metals buy?
We cannot accept items that contain asbestos, petroleum products, lead-acid batteries or battery parts, items that contain or have contained PCBs (including small capacitors, fluorescent light ballasts and electrical transformers), airbags, paint cans, circuit boards, explosives, radioactive materials or non-metallic products such as tires, wood, dirt, yard debris, concrete or glass. Closed containers under pressure (propane/gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, aerosol cans, etc.) can only be accepted if stems are removed and opened (punctured, drilled, cut) so that containers are no longer pressurized and verifiably empty.
Click here for a full list of the metals we cannot accept.

What paperwork do I need to be able to sell scrap metal to PSC Metals?
Laws that regulate scrap metal vary from state to state. In many states, you will be required to show a valid ID and be at least 18 years old. Contact your local facility for more specific information on the requirements in your area.

Can I recycle appliances?
Yes! We accept all types of appliances that contain metal including water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, grills and refrigerators. Click here for a complete list of the metals we accept.