It Pays to Be Green

Turn Your Scrap Into Cash Through Recycling

When you bring your scrap metal to us, we’ll turn your scrap into cash and help the environment through recycling.
We’re open to the public,
and we invite you to navigate to our locations page to check the hours at the site closest to you. 
Watch the how it works video below for additional information.

PSC Metals Makes The Process Simple

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Bring in your scrap

    Bring your automobiles, other vehicles, scrap iron & appliances, aluminum cans and other non ferrous metals in a car, truck or trailer. Nearly 95% of each washer, dryer, or other large appliance is recycled. You get paid for your scrap and help minimize your footprint on the environment.

    In our never-ending effort to leave the Earth better than we found it, PSC Metals encourages recycling by paying top price for aluminum cans. We pay cash on the spot on a per-pound basis, with no price difference between crushed and non-crushed cans.

    *Don’t forget to bring a valid ID and required paperwork for automobiles.

  2. Weigh & Unload

    We make it simple for you to weigh your metal and unload it at our facilities.

  3. Get Paid

    With PSC Metals, it literally pays to be green. When you bring your metal to us, we’ll turn your scrap into cash (subject to relevant scrap metal laws). You will be making money while helping the environment through recycling.

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