What We Buy & Recycle

Vehicles, Scrap Iron, Appliances, Cans & Non-Ferrous Metals

PSC Metals has been at the leading edge of the recycling effort. We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into safe, environmentally compliant, state of the art densifying/aggregating equipment in order to support the recycling process.

Automobiles & Vehicles

Our advanced recycling equipment allows you to recycle automobiles and vehicles. Bring your car or trailer to PSC Metals for shredding, which converts ferrous and nonferrous metal back for re-use. There are various requirements necessary for selling your vehicle to PSC Metals, so please review with care before visiting one of our facilities.

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Scrap Iron & Appliances

From refrigerators and stoves to lawnmowers and pool motors, PSC Metals has the capabilities to recycle many common home and business appliances. You bring us the ferrous scrap metal, we pay you, and we all make a positive contribution to the environment.

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Aluminum Cans / Non-Ferrous Scrap

On the other end of the spectrum from vehicle recycling is aluminum can recycling. You can bring PSC Metals your recycled cans and other non-ferrous scrap metals like copper or wire and make some extra money. The process is easy.

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